Sunday, January 7, 2018

[YOP] Week of January 13th, 2018

It's been a pretty good week for me. I made it to work every day this week, I went to the gym once, I got in some healthy grocery shopping, and so much more. More details on non-crafty related items can be found on my personal blog if you are interested.

Now for the crafty goals!

1. Buying yarn. - This is a big fail. But, the majority or yarn I purchased is for specific gifts for specific people, so I am actually OK with this.

2. Using stash yarn. This is actually working for me. I was accepted to do a brioche shawl test knit and I will be using approximately 9 skeins, 3 of each colour, of the luscious Cadena Alpaquita I have in stash. This is going to be a gorgeous and super squishy brioche shawl! I can't wait! Sneak peek below!

3. Finish WIPs. No finishes yet, but I have been working on a few. My Mara is coming along, as well as the New Year's MKAL (I completed clue #1 on time!) and my Shimmering Stole.

4. Frog unloved projects. I frogged another project this week. It feels good. It was another victim of not swatching and ending up super HUGE! 30 inches just for the front...yeah... I am going to see if my mom wants this yarn since it's cotton and she loves cotton.

5., 6., and 7. Nothing to report.

8. Be more social. I went to my LYS knit night on Thursday and it was great to sit around and knit and chat (and buy more yarn of course). 

Also did some work on one of my technique goals by accepting the brioche shawl test knit. I am really looking forward to this!

Overall, a very productive week! How did everyone else do?


  1. All of your projects look great, Gwenyth. And your new yarn purchases are just beautiful.

  2. Great goals! I over that you frogged something that wasn't working and gave away the yarn. I think I did something similar - I rounded up all my soap-making supplies and sold them on Facebook. It just wasn't a hobby I wanted to pursue. Feels great to take control and clear things out!

    That Brioche Shawl is going to be fabulous! Gorgeous yarn in gorgeous colours!

  3. I see some very yummy yarn. I reslly liked looking at all your projects you have/had going

  4. Wow A brioche shawl? I am impressed! What are you going to use that lovely orange yarn for?

    1. Yeah, I am beginning to think I might have been a bit nuts to agree to the brioche But it is coming along so nicely! The orange yarn is for this scarf:

  5. Gorgeous projects and lovely new yarn.