Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Gwenyth!

Hello there everyone and welcome to KinzyCrafts, where the crafts are kinzy and crazy, but still completely awesome!

I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit, perhaps this is why crocheting is my go-to craft about 75% of the time. I find it easier, faster, and overall, more enjoyable.

My mother taught me to crochet when I was about 8, I think. I honestly don't remember exactly how old I was. We started crocheting ornaments for the Christmas tree. After that I started to mess around with spirals to make earrings, hair accessories, was the 80's, give me a break! Scarves and blankets with easy repetitive patterns soon followed. Baby blankets are still some of my favourite projects to crochet.

When I was about 15 my step-father's mother (Grandma) took the time to teach me how to knit while I was visiting them on the Reserve during my March break. I kept complaining that I was bored and there was so much snow I couldn't even open the front door to go outside. I was constantly pestering my Grandmother who was trying to knit. She decided to really keep me busy by handing me double pointed needles, a ball of blue yarn and a ball of white yarn, and taught me how to make thick warm socks that she used to make for all her boys to keep their feet warm during the cold winters (and cold fishing nights). I finished them pretty quickly (and loved it!) and so she taught me how to make a sweater on the round. I still enjoy knitting, but find it more useful for clothing items and save my crocheting for pretty much everything else.

I am a bit of a yarn-a-holic and have a whole room in my basement dedicated to my yarn and book obsessions.

In fact, I recently went to a yarn factory outlet sale and this kind of happened...

So yeah...anyways...

I like to try new skills and techniques. Currently I am attempting Tunisian crochet, knitting and crocheting with beads, and entrelac knitting!

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