Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[W.I.P. Wednesday] November 20th, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday is a weekly post where we will spotlight one or more of our currently ongoing projects (works in process).

This week I (Gwenyth) spent a huge chunk of time on homework, trying to catch up in order to make my January 31st deadline!

I still managed some progress on old, and new, projects.

I have now cast off the front panel of my version of Bergere de France's Sleeveless Sweater. I hope to be able to start the back panel in the near future.

I did a few more rounds on the Creeper Hat mentioned last W.I.P., but nothing exciting enough to post.

My Doctor Who Scarf is progressing nicely. I am very fond of the yarn and the needles are awesome to knit on.

This is definitely going to take me a while! (But I love it!)

My birthday was at the end of October, and both my boys (my son and my other half) gifted me some yarn spending cash. My son even made homemade gift cards to accompany the cash. It was adorable!

I took advantage of this wonderful gift and picked myself up some yarn I have always wanted to try called Noro Kureyon. I wasn't sure entirely what to do with it but the lovely owner of Creative Yarns in Scarborough had a sample of a jacket hanging over her cash register and it totally inspired me, so I am making a jacket called Metamorphosis (pattern discontinued) with the Noro and Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It is knitted in panels on the bias to create a very striking look. Here is what I have completed so far. (I am loving this pattern and cannot put it down!)

And last but not least...I have decided to attempt some crochet amigurumi, specifically related to My Little Pony. And since my son is obsessed with Rainbow Dash, I figured I would start there. I am also going to try to whip up some of my own patterns for some scarves and wristers in various mlp themes since they seem pretty popular.

Rainbow Dash yarn package arrival!

The start of the head.

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