Sunday, January 4, 2015

[YOP] Year of Projects - 2014 Year End Wrap Up

I have lost track of what week number this should be. I am going to move to a fiscal year tracking instead as it makes it easier.

Last year was a year of great illness for me. I spent almost just as much time healthier as I did sick and in pain. I have a new specialist and hope for 2015 to be a much healthier year, and therefore a much more productive year as well!

Below is a short list of projects I completed over the course of 2014.

Pioneer Cuff (not blocked) completed February 22 2014.

Sleeveless Sweater completed May 28 2014.

Lace Bookmark completed June 4 2014.

Simple Armwarmers completed July 5 2014.

Simple Hat completed July 20 2014.

Show-off Stranded Socks completed August 17 2014.

Saundra's Mitts completed September 30 2014.

My goal moving forward to is to focus on less projects at a time and complete them, buy less yarn and use up my stash including WIPs previously started.

Currently focusing on my Boo Knits Wintersweel MKAL and my Americo Mulberry Pullover.


  1. Love that shawl, and in such a wearable colour.

    1. Thanks! It's my first beaded shawl and it has been quite the experience so far!

  2. Hope this year is much healthier for you. I to love your shawl but then I'm a real shawl lover.

    1. Thank you! I sure hope so as well! Looking forward to my appointment with the specialist tomorrow.

      I am really enjoying shawl knitting as well and see many more in my future!

  3. I am still in love with your sleeveless sweater. I admire anyone that does bead work on knitted items. Hope this is a healthier year for you.

  4. Welcome back! I too hope this year is healthier for you... And that we see each other's ore often at our LYS! I really love that sweater on you and those socks! Very. Cool.