Monday, January 18, 2016

[YOP] Week of January 17th, 2016

I participate in "A Year of Projects" which is run by a group over on Ravelry.

I am hoping it will (a) help me be more productive (b) help me finish more projects and (c) help me blog more often... Fingers crossed!

Here is an update on current goals, and progress towards those goals.

General Overall Goals
  • finish more projects - Nothing completed this week except a full clue of one of my MKALs.
  • start fewer projects - Ummm...I started four new projects since my last update...
  • use more stash yarn - Out of the four projects I started last week, 2 of them were started with yarn I had in my stash. 50% is not a bad ratio for me!
  • buy less new yarn - I picked up some more of the worsted yarn for the GAL afghan, so I couldn't help myself there, and I also got sweet talked into some really awesome self-striping sock yarn.
  • sell or donate stash yarn I no longer have any interest in - I found some crochet cotton in my closet I won't use and that will be going to my sister. I also found a bag full of knitted and crocheted squares that I will be donating to Blankets For Canada. Just have to find a way to meet up with someone for the drop off.
  • add stash I plan on keeping to Ravelry for easier tracking - So far just entering what I buy as it comes in. Still need to find time to do back stash.
  • organize stash room - Not going to happen any time soon. just discovered several leaks in the roof so just bundling everything up safely until we can get it repaired/replaced.
  • sell some of my finished items - I now how finished items as well as hand-dyed yarn listed on Etsy. I have sold some yarn, but none of the finished items yet. Hopefully soon! It will help pay for the new roof!

Technique Goals
  • double knitting - As promised, I cast on my first GAL DK square and it is going even better than I hoped! Not so scary at all!
  • toe up socks - I received some good tips from an avid sock knitter at my LYS, so going to work up a swatch and then attack some socks with my awesome new self-striping yarn I scored.
  • more complicated lacework - The MKAL lace shawl I am working on right now is actually pretty complicated. It has lacework on both the RS and WS and beads as well.
  • clothing items - I think I am going to leave this goal until after surgery in June because my body should change quite a bit afterwards.

Specific Project Goals

I have created a project page on Ravelry called Knit The Bin where I am collecting WIPs that I want to finish that were started before the beginning of 2015.
  • 2015 Advent KALendar Shawl (completed 01/09/16)
  • The Doodler Shawl
  • Meander Cardigan
  • Wintersweet Shawl
  • Spellbound Shawl
  • Mara Shawl
  • Hello Sweetie Spoilers Socks
  • 50 Shades of Awesome

Projects Started in 2016 I Want To Complete This Year
  • A Wrinkle In Time Shawl - Completed clue one January 16th!
  • Nemesis Shawl - This has become my new TV/car knitting project.
  • Opal Shawl
  • GAL 2016 Video Game Themed Blanket - Cast on Square one this week!
  • Scoreboard Scarf A - Completed a few rounds this week.
  • Bow Ties Are Cool Doctor Who Themed Shawl - Cast on this week.
  • Depth Charge Shawl MKAL - Cast on this week.
  • Askews Me Brioche Dress - Cast on this week.

Here is a kind of bunched up picture of clue one of the Wrinkle In Time MKAL. It's actually very pretty, I'm just not very good with the camera.

And here is a sneak peek at my Bow Ties Are Cool MKAL. I am quite enjoying this one!

The results of this week's visit to the LYS. The Shelridge Yarns Soft Touch Worsted Yarn is some of the softest and squishiest I have worked with, and it`s Canadian! Such a great choice for my GAL afghan. I am so glad the owner of my LYS encouraged me to try it.

A close up of the super awesome self-striping sock yarn!

And the best part, the complete set of ChiaoGoo twist needles I have been drooling over for close to two years...

I think I'm in love!


  1. Looks like your LYS visit was super successful! I love Shelridge Yarns. I always pick up a couple of skeins of sock yarn when I see their booth at the Knitter's Frolic! And I think your mystery shawl looks very pretty indeed!

    1. I am so glad I discovered their worsted weight yarn. It is super lovely! I think I might have to make more worsted weight projects now! Thanks for your kind words.

  2. You brought home some wonderful things from the shopping trip at the LYS! I love the yarn in both your projects pictured above.

    1. Thank you so much! Can't wait to knit with them. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Mmm your acquisitions look gorgeous - love the self striping. The MKAL's both look great.

    1. I am really enjoying the MKALs. I started another one this week that will be in next week's update that I think is my new favourite. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. ohhhh lots or really pretty goodies from the LYS each as nice and lovely as the other. I'm debating interchangeables and I'm still hymmming and hawing so perhaps I'll get a set when I eventually decide on which set. Love the look of both MKAL's I think for me the Wrinkle in Time just edges it :) Ruth

    1. I have 2 different sets of Addis, 2 different ones from Knit Picks, and now this ChiaoGoo set. I definitely feel the ChiaGoo is my favourite followed closely by Addi. I started another MKAL this week that will be in next week's update that I think is my new favourite, wait until you see that one! Thanks for stopping by!