Monday, January 25, 2016

[YOP] Week of January 24th, 2016

I participate in "A Year of Projects" which is run by a group over on Ravelry.

I am hoping it will (a) help me be more productive (b) help me finish more projects and (c) help me blog more often... Fingers crossed!

Here is an update on current goals, and progress towards those goals.

General Overall Goals
  • finish more projects - Nothing completed this week except two full clues of two separate MKALs.
  • start fewer projects - I only started one new project this week, and with stash yarn! So that's good...right? I have two others that will start in the near future though...maybe this week...
  • use more stash yarn - I only started one new project and used stash yarn for that! I will have to buy a few more balls to finish it though as I do not have enough.
  • buy less new yarn - I only bought one skein of yarn this week and that is for a charity project I was asked to help out with, so I have no second thoughts about that purchase whatsoever. More details on this project later!
  • sell or donate stash yarn I no longer have any interest in - Nothing new on this front this week.
  • add stash I plan on keeping to Ravelry for easier tracking - Nothing new on this front this week..
  • organize stash room - Not going to happen any time soon. just discovered several leaks in the roof so just bundling everything up safely until we can get it repaired/replaced.
  • sell some of my finished items - I now how finished items as well as hand-dyed yarn listed on Etsy. I have sold some yarn, but none of the finished items yet. Hopefully soon! It will help pay for the new roof! - I sold a skein of my hand-dyed yarn this morning! Yay!

Technique Goals
  • double knitting - Really enjoying the double knitting square. It's a little slow still, but not scary at all.
  • toe up socks - I received some good tips from an avid sock knitter at my LYS, so going to work up a swatch and then attack some socks with my awesome new self-striping yarn I scored. Planning on starting this in February for a Spring Sock KAL.
  • more complicated lacework - The MKAL lace shawl I am working on right now is actually pretty complicated. It has lacework on both the RS and WS and beads as well.
  • clothing items - I was going to leave this for a bit due to my surgery, but then I figured I could make a sweater for my son! I am going to make him a Flax sweater in some of that lovely red Shelridge Yarns worsted I have fallen in love with.

Specific Project Goals

I have created a project page on Ravelry called Knit The Bin where I am collecting WIPs that I want to finish that were started before the beginning of 2015.

I actually finally got around to picking up a bin and started storing the projects complete with their yarn, needles and pattern in Ziploc freezer bags. I feel all organized now! Unfortunately I have mostly been focused on new 2016 projects. /sigh

  • 2015 Advent KALendar Shawl (completed 01/09/16)
  • The Doodler Shawl
  • Meander Cardigan
  • Wintersweet Shawl
  • Spellbound Shawl
  • Mara Shawl
  • Hello Sweetie Spoilers Socks
  • 50 Shades of Awesome

Projects Started in 2016 I Want To Complete This Year
  • A Wrinkle In Time Shawl - Completed clue one January 16th.
  • Nemesis Shawl - This has become my new TV/car knitting project. Still not done clue #1 yet.
  • Opal Shawl - Stalled. 
  • GAL 2016 Video Game Themed Blanket - Square one in progress.
  • Scoreboard Scarf A - Completed a few rounds this week.
  • Bow Ties Are Cool Doctor Who Themed Shawl - Completed clue #1 January 22nd.
  • Depth Charge Shawl MKAL - Completed clue #1 last night (January 24th). LOVING THIS MKAL!!!
  • Askews Me Brioche Dress - Completed a few rounds this week.
  • Bounce Baby Afghan - Cast on this week.

Here is a peek at my Depth Charge MKAL. This is easily my favourite MKAL to date. The fabric produced by holding the strands double makes for a super squishy fabric I enjoy holding on to. The video tutorials provided by the designer, Josh, are super helpful, and very hilarious. I am actually up to date on this one so far! Finished clue #1 last night and started the pickup for clue #2. I am in love! (Even after having to weave in all those evil little ends!)

And here is an updated sneak peek at my Bow Ties Are Cool MKAL. I finished clue #1 and started clue #2 this week.

No shopping pics this week because I was a good girl. But I expect some next week...


  1. I've yet to participate in a mystery project - fear I'll decide too late I don't care for what I'm making, I think. Your projects look great, and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow.

    1. I always have that fear myself. Typically I end up enjoying them. Sometimes I buy the pattern while it's in it's new cheap price and wait to see how it goes before I cast on. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I do love a good mystery KAL, but I have too many shawls that I don't wear!! Yours look fab.

    1. I have so many started, but only one finished. I fear once I finish them all I will be in the same position! Time to start more sweaters and socks! Thanks for stopping by!